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About Us

Our Philosophy

We offer a full range of commercial maintenance solutions serving our community for well over 20 years. Family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive, accepting work environment for all of our background and drug checked employees. 

We, at Dependable Maintenance, offer a wide variety of training for our employees and love to be a family first environment. 

It is our philosophy that our integrity shows in everything we do. Be it; maintenance, cleaning, handyman, or in our happy, reliable employees. 

We utilize the best in cleaning agents that are appropriate to your specific situation. Some situations do call for stringent cleaning agent. However, we love to use non scented and natural cleaning solutions for your office area. To make sure no employee or customer suffers from allergies on our behalf. Our clientele ranges from commercial offices, medical buildings, restaurants,  banks, and more. Every situation has a unique approach - and after this many years, we have experience and a solution, for everything. 

Image by Shridhar Gupta

Providing and Preserving your company's integrity

Our Journey

We are a family based company. We began in north Washington state, in Whatcom and Skagit County. From then we branched to various other states. When operating in a new area, we make sure to hire only local people, to honor and boost the local economy. 

We are a family of entrepreneurs! The two owners, husband and wife, both own other companies. One of the owners is a successful instructor - teaching and mentoring others how to build their own service based businesses. Between the two of us we have 4 lovely kids, all world-changers in their own way. 

Currently we divide up our time between two residences. One in Washington state and another in Arizona. 

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